Vintage 1950s Dresses

Vintage 1950s Dresses - 1950 Floral Enka Rayon Dress by Joseph whitehead
Skinner - 1950
Womans Day - 1952 Knitting Annual
1950s Celanese - Carmen Dell Orefice is in front
R&K Origionals 1952
R&K Origionals 1950s
Vogue - 1956
1953 fashion
Strook - Harry Williams LTD
Barbara Mullen & Sherry Nelms
R&K Originals - 1953
Vintage 1950s Shell Stitch Skirt
Avisco - 1952
Vogue Pattern Book - 1955
Benham - 1953
Vintage 1950s Dresses by Grayson Robinson (1951)
Retro 50's Dresses by Grayson Robinson (1951)
Columbia Minerva
Vintage 1950s Knitting Patterns - Womens P&B
Ladies Home Journal (10/1957) - Photographed by Wilhela Cushman
Vogue Pattern Book - 1955
Lavenda Hand Knit - Pattern-No-221
Vogue Knitting Book - No 27
Betty Barclay - 1956
1959 - Jack Squire


Northern Skye said...

Love them! Thanks!

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Patricia Carter said...

The flare on some of these dresses is very weird.
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