1950s Style Clothing

1950s Style Clothing - Vintage Lee Target Pattern
Vogue - Autumn 1955
Bernat Handicrafter - 1954
Vogue - Vintage 1950
R&K Originals - 1957
Night Gown - Van Raalte 1951
Vogue - 1950s Style Clothing
Vogue 1950s
Mon Tricot Knitting Book - 50s
Vogue - 1955
Stitchcraft - 1951
Stitchcraft - 1958
Vogue - 54
1950s Vogue
Vogue 1950s Style Clothing 
Stitchcraft - 1951
Vogue Knitting - 1956
Betty Barclay Dresses - 1951
Stitchcraft - 1952
Harper's Bazaar - 1956 - Photographed by Lillian Bassman


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Love these 50's images. A time when women really dressed. What a shame we've lost that desire.

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